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Attain™ IVF Financial Option

Dallas IVF is proud to offer our patients the Attain™IVF financial option. Dallas IVF is the only practice in DFW to have been selected to offer the Attain IVF refund guarantee program. This refund program includes all clinical and lab fees. Unlike some other programs where successful completion of the program is defined as a clinical pregnancy, our success is defined as a live birth.

The Attain™ IVF Programs

Attain IVF offers a better approach to IVF Treatment

  • Attain IVF Program
  • Attain Multi Cycle Program

The Attain Refund program offers qualified patients up to six treatment cycles (3 fresh IVF and 3 frozen embryo transfers) for a fixed, discounted fee.  If you do not take a baby home from the hospital, the Program offers a refund of 70% of the Program fee.  There is a 100% refund available for donor egg recipients.

All applicants are eligible for the Attain Multi-Cycle program, in which you pay a single discounted fee (less than the cost of 2 fresh IVF cycles) and receive up to four treatment cycles, two fresh IVF cycles and two frozen embryo cycles.  The Multi-Cycle program does not offer a refund, but does offer a lower cost for greater treatment access.

More than 4,000 patients have enrolled in the Attain IVF programs with IntegraMed’s participating physicians around the country. Most of them have found that the ability to finance multiple cycles up front gives great peace of mind. As one patient said, “The Attain IVF program really helped alleviate the pressure and stress of the financial end of IVF, and we truly believe this helped us get our son.”

IntegraMed developed these long-standing programs to help you access the treatment you need and reduce your anxiety about the cost. The Attain IVF programs are designed to limit the amount of money at stake for a comprehensive treatment plan, providing for a multi-cycle course of treatment, which helps maximize your chance to have a baby through IVF. In fact, three out of four participants in the Attain IVF Programs take home a baby.

IVF treatment can be stressful, but financing treatment doesn’t have to be. The Attain IVF programs allow you to plan ahead for the possibility of multiple cycles, and make paying for that treatment manageable. As one patient said, “With all the stress – both physical and emotional – involved in the IVF process, the Attain IVF program allowed us to focus on the medical aspects without constant financial considerations.”

Why do these options offer multiple cycles?  Nearly 60% of women under the age of 35 will need more than one cycle before delivering a baby.  About 70% of those 35-37 years old, will need more than one cycle before delivering a baby.

Ask your physician or nurse to start an application for the Attain IVF program on your behalf.  There is no cost to you to apply and there is no obligation to enroll.  You will simply find out which Attain IVF program you qualify for so you can consider all of your options.

Call Dallas IVF at 214-297-0020 or IntegraMed at 1-866-968-7483 to find out more about the Attain IVF Programs.

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