Fertility Testing

The first step toward overcoming infertility and bringing home a baby is fertility testing

At Dallas IVF, we believe in empowering patients with knowledge. That’s why it’s important to perform fertility testing before beginning fertility treatment. Basic female and male fertility testing can help the fertility specialists at our Dallas fertility center diagnose the causes of a couple’s infertility as well as address any fertility issues before they become a problem during treatment.

Female fertility testing at Dallas IVF provides clues to underlying causes

Before you begin treatment at our Dallas fertility center, our physicians will always perform a female physical exam and take a medical history. They will also order fertility testing to uncover any issues that may not be visible in a physical exam.

Depending on your situation, your physician may perform one or more of the following tests.

Blood tests are a common element of fertility testing. The most performed tests include those that evaluate hormone levels and ovarian function, Day 3 FSH and AMH testing. Your fertility specialist may also perform other blood tests tailored to your unique situation.

Genetic testing is also available. Even if you and your partner have no history of genetic disorders, screening can still be beneficial to identify any potential genetic problems that may be recessive. Our fertility specialists can recommend specific genetic testing based on your ethnic background and family history.

An internal ultrasound exam is an important part of fertility testing because it allows your physician to see the size and shape of your uterus. It also allows him or her to examine your uterine lining and check for abnormalities in your uterus and ovaries.

A hysterosalpingogram, HSG, can provide information about the fallopian tubes that cannot be seen on an ultrasound. This test involves injecting dye into your uterus through a thin catheter. The dye will appear on x-ray, and it will highlight any blockages in your fallopian tubes.

Our Dallas fertility center also provides male fertility testing in the form of semen analysis

Dallas IVF physicians also perform fertility testing on the male partner, as male infertility is a factor in 40% of cases. Male fertility testing involves a semen analysis, which will check a man’s sperm count and examine the sperm’s shape and movement. These results will help determine which fertility treatments are available to you and your partner.

Contact Dallas IVF to schedule an appointment. Our fertility specialists can perform basic and advanced fertility testing and recommend the best treatment for you.